Principal Cast


Rib Hillis (John Wahlberg)

John Wahlberg, a big firm attorney in his late 20s, works day and night to escape his personal demons and satisfy his overly ambitious girlfriend, Lyndsey. On his way to Aspen for the Christmas holidays to propose to Lyndsey and accept a job with her father, John's rental car breaks down in Taos. Stranded for the weekend, he befriends a few locals who, through their lives, change his perspective. Lost in the desert of Taos – where life finds its balance – John questions if dreams can truly become a reality.

Julie Dorris (Lyndsey Palmer)

An American princess in her mid-20s, Lyndsey Palmer, comes from a wealthy Washington, D.C. family, and it shows. Caught up in the social power struggles of the nation's capital, she looks to John to provide her with wealth and social status in keeping with her family's expectations.

Lora Martinez-Cunningham (Hope Martinez)

A beautiful Hispanic woman in her 20s, Hope works as a receptionist at the Taos Inn. Nurturing her poetry while working at the hotel, Hope is drawn to the sophisticated new visitor in town.

Robert Deane (River)

A troubled Taos Pueblo Indian, River works at his uncle's auto shop and finds John and his car broken down alongside the road. Their initial dislike slowly turns to a mutual understanding as they become seemingly bound together by past and present circumstances.
New Project


The owner of Mountain Spirit Auto Repair, Richard Archuleta holds his nephew River and the traditions of their culture in high regard. Finding John lost along the side of the road, he lends a helping hand and sets John on his way.

Principal Crew

Brandon Schmid

Brandon Schmid

Writer, Director

Roderick E. Stevens


Kore Koubourlis

Production Designer

Bruce McIntosh


Ben McAllister


Megan Griffiths